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Background Spacer Haldimand County—Supporting Heavy, Service and Selected Light Industries

Steel, petroleum, power, service provider
If you require steel, refined petroleum products or electrical energy as primary inputs, or provide goods or services to the steel, petroleum or electrical energy industries, you can find the right location in Haldimand County.

A high-value workforce — plus schools to focus or upgrade skills—are here or close by. More than 130 million people live within a day's drive.

Access is provided by highways to Ontario's main 400-series corridors, plus rail, water, local and nearby airports.

Ontario's largest greenfield tract for development, the 2,286 acre Lake Erie Industrial Park, is a vital part of our industrial base. Around it extends a wide industrial influence area and a transmission corridor is in place to respond to power projects and requirements.


Food, Film, Tourism

If you are involved in light industry, particularly food processing, film or tourism, you can find a suitable location, here, too.

Haldimand's heritage includes deep agricultural roots and our County is close to markets that support a growing food processing cluster. (We have permission to draw water from Lake Erie and related land assets.) Cultural and creative enterprise finds expression in the County's vital, growing tourist and  film industries.

Rounding out our support for business are communities of friendly people who treasure recreation on the Grand River and its surrounding lands, villages and towns—and, of course, the northern shore of Lake Erie.

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