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Where is Haldimand County?
Haldimand County is located on the north shore of Lake Erie, stretching from the east boundary of Norfolk County to the west boundary of the Regional Municipality  of Niagara and northward to the south boundary of Brant County and the City of Hamilton.

Where is the Human Resources Division and what are the hours of operation?
The Human Resources office is physically located at 45 Munsee St. N., Cayuga, ON. Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
If you wish to send something by mail, address it to Human Resources Division, Haldimand County, 45 Munsee St. N., Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0.
The Haldimand County website also includes information on applying for positions and working for Haldimand County.

How do I access online maps in the County?
Maps in pdf format are available. There is also mapping available through the Geographic Information System. 

How do I access information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act?
Persons wishing to access any records in the custody and control of Haldimand County are encouraged to first contact the municipality and request the information through normal inquiry channels. Requests pertaining to access to the general records of the municipality under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act should be directed to:
Evelyn Eichenbaum, Clerk
Haldimand County
P.O. Box 400, Cayuga, Ontario, Canada, N0A 1E0
For more information, see the Freedom of Information section of the County website.

Where are the Municipal Service Centres located?
The Haldimand County Central Administration Office is located in Cayuga, Ontario. Residents may access municipal services in Cayuga, Caledonia, Dunnville, Hagersville, and Kohler. Please view our contact information for an office near you.

What is the tax rate in Haldimand County?
Tax information can be found on the Property Information and Taxes web page.

What are regular business hours for the Haldimand County?
Municipal offices are open 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Where can I obtain list of businesses in Haldimand County? 
A business directory can be found on the Business in Haldimand webpage.

When is my garbage day and how much can I put out?
Waste disposal information can be found in Waste Management.

When is my recycling day and how much / what can I put out?
Recycling information can be found in Waste Management.

Where can I pick up a Leisure guide?
Leisure guides may be picked up at your local Municipal Office.
You can register for programs online.

Where can I obtain information and procedures for Haldimand County Cemeteries?
Cemetery information and procedures are found in Cemetery Services.

When will the tax bills be mailed out?
Interim tax bills are mailed in early February.  The final tax bill is mailed in early June.  Residents on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan or who pay their Property Taxes through their mortgage will not receive an interim tax bill. A final tax notice will be mailed at the same time as the final tax bills. Read more on tax information.

Does Haldimand County have public transit?
Haldimand County does not have public transit.

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