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Road Conditions

Who can I tell about potholes or other road hazards I see?
You should contact the Haldimand County Satellite office in your area, ie. Dunnville, Cayuga, Caledonia, etc. during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Please see  Haldimand County Satellite Offices for contact information. Please provide the Customer Service Representative with the exact location of the pothole or hazard so the appropriate action can be taken.

I have damaged my vehicle in a pothole. What should I do?
Have a licensed automotive mechanic inspect the damage. Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly. Notify the County of the exact location of the accident so that any needed repair work can be carried out.

I think the damage to my vehicle is the County’s fault. What should I do?
You should contact your insurance company for assistance. If your insurance company pays for your vehicle’s repairs it will attempt to recover the amount of the claim from anyone they think was responsible for the damage. If you want to claim directly against the County, please follow the procedures,  Making A Claim, outlined on the County’s website.


Water Mains

What is a watermain?
Watermains run underneath the roadway and supply fresh water to the private services connected to it.

What is a private service?
A private service brings water from the watermain to your building. It is the property owner’s responsibility.

My property is flooded. What should I do?
Protect your property from further damage. If there is any chance of electrical hazards, contact your hydro provider immediately. Keep any damaged property for inspection.

Should I call my insurance company?
Yes. Many insurance policies cover repairing or replacing water damaged property as the result of a public watermain break. This is the quickest way to recover costs and have repairs made. Your insurer can provide full details.

Should I contact the County with regard to my damages?
If you wish to make a claim against the County,  Making A Claim will provide the information necessary. Compensation will only be provided if the County is legally liable for the property damage.



What causes a sewer back-up?
Most sewer back-ups happen because the sewer lateral is plugged or requires maintenance. Sewer back-ups are also caused by unusually heavy rainfall levels, especially in the Spring when there is also water accumulating from melting snow.

What is a sewer lateral?
The sewer lateral is a length of pipe that runs from your building to the County sewer line. Maintenance and repairs to the sewer lateral from the property line to the property are the responsibility of the property owner.
Sewer Lateral

How can I protect my property?
A professional contractor is usually required. Be sure to protect your property from further damage and keep any damaged property for inspection.

Should I contact my insurance company?
Yes. Many insurance policies cover sewage back-up cleanup and the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property. Your insurer can provide further details.

If I think the County is at fault for my damages, what can I do?
If you want to claim directly against the County, please refer to  Making A Claim for assistance.


Construction Projects

What should I do if my property has been damaged as a result of County construction activities?
Write down the details of when and how the damage occurred as well as who was doing the construction work. Haldimand County requires that all their contractors carry insurance.

Should I call my insurance company?
Yes. Your insurance policy may provide coverage from the damages you have incurred. Your insurers can pursue the party they deem responsible for the damage.

Should I notify the County of my damage?
If you wish to make a claim to the County for property damage, please follow the instructions contained in  Making A Claim. Document your damages with photographs, original invoices and bills of sale. Keep any damaged property for inspection.

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