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Risk Management forms part of the Support Services Division at Haldimand County. The Risk Management section assists departments in developing and implementing programs to preserve the physical and financial assets of the County. Essential to this process, is providing and maintaining safe conditions in the workplace and the delivery of services to protect employees and the public.

Risk Management is committed to sound risk management processes which involves the identification of loss exposures, analyzing the exposures with regard to frequency and severity, applying risk control measures and ultimately financing risk in accordance with the County’s financial resources.

A substantial role within the Risk Management Section of Haldimand County is the administration of claims made against the County. By determining liability, resolution can be achieved in a fair and reasonable fashion.

Effective risk management does not eliminate risks, however, through the cooperation and commitment of management, employees and volunteers, effective plans will be implemented to reduce and prevent loss thus ensuring the success of the risk management program and, in turn allow the County the ability to pursue its goals, commence and operate programs, and to perform its duties in an efficient and professional manner.

For further information, please review our  Making A ClaimProperty Damage FAQs, and Claims Handling Protocol.

Contact Information:
Haldimand County
Risk Management
1-117 Forest Street East
Dunnville, Ontario
N1A 1B9
Tel: 905-318-5932
Fax: 905-774-4294

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