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In order to respond to the desire to have a clear focus on the County’s strategic directions and to provide a basis for alignment of the municipal budget, Council adopted the following Corporate Strategic Priorities:

Growing our Local Economy by Creating Economic Opportunity
Making expenditures and taking action to support the strengthening of the economic base of the County. Examples: new infrastructure investment to allow growth, urban re-development which generates assessment growth, retains existing business/industry, tourism enhancement.

Community Vibrancy & Healthy Community
Investing in high quality sustainable services that promote the well being of communities and contribute to the betterment of the quality of our natural environment or the health of residents.

Corporate Image & Efficient Government
Making change and investments that will result in a visible, positive image for the County by providing a more accessible, more efficient or more cost effective local government for our residents.

The County has embarked on a strategic organizational improvement process. A number of initiatives have and continue to be undertaken in this regard. The implementation of the approved Corporate Business Model and the Corporate Priority initiatives put structures in place to ensure:

  • that key corporate initiatives that will continue to move the County forward in achieving its three key objectives are part of business practices;
  • that Council is kept informed of major initiatives on an on-going basis; and
  • that there is an alignment between budget allocations and proposed work. 

pdf_mini Term of Council Corporate Priorities - Updated May 2018  


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