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In order to respond to the desire to have a clear focus on the County‚Äôs strategic directions and to provide a basis for alignment of the municipal budget, Council adopted the following Corporate Strategic Priorities:     

Growing our Local Economy by Creating Economic Opportunity 
Community Vibrancy & Healthy Community 
Corporate Image & Efficient Government  

Making change and investments that will result in a visible, positive image for the County by providing a more accessible, more efficient or more cost effective local government for our residents.

The County has embarked on a strategic organizational improvement process. A number of initiatives have and continue to be undertaken in this regard. 

Three Pillars 

 Term of Council Priorities 2014-2018
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Long Term or Completed Initiatives 

 Long Term or Completed Projects and Initiatives
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Accommodation Review 

Administration Accommodation Review
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Asset Management Plan Image 

Asset Management Plan
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Comprehensive Zoning By-law 

Comprehensive Zoning By-law
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Light Switch 

 Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan
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Infrastructure Image 

 Front End Financing of Development
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Jarvis Streetscape 

Jarvis Streetscape Plan
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 Population and Household Icon 

Population, Household and Employment Forecast Update, 2011-2041
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 Trails and Active Transportation - Proposed Policy Amendments
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