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Apply & Forms 

When applying for a building permit, the following items will need to be submitted/addressed (as related to the construction project) prior to the issuance of a building permit:

Application Requirements  


Additional Forms  

Forms Available in Area Offices Only  

  • On-Site Sewage System Permit Application
  • Certification of On-Site Sewage System
  • Structural Addition Evaluation
  • Pre-Development Site Evaluation
  • Civic Address Request

If you require further explanation of the application forms and which ones are applicable to your project, please contact a Building Inspector located in a Building Division office in your area.   

Drawings & Plans  

  • 2 sets of completed and detailed construction drawings
  • 2 copies of a survey or plot plan - showing measurements of lot, yards, location of proposed building, and any overhead or buried site services (Haldimand Navigator is the County's geographic information system and may be of assistance in determining the location of the property)

 Permit Related Fees & Charges  

Effective August 1, 2018 

New Building Division Fees and Service Charge Structure     

New Building Division Fees and Service Charge structure comes into effect August 1, 2018.  Deadline for submitting a complete building permit application under the current fee structure is Tuesday July 31, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  Building Division staff will be available the afternoon 1-4 p.m. of July 31, 2018 (only) for application intake.  Any applications submitted after this date and time will be processed using the new Building Division fees and calculation method.  The new fees can be viewed here New Building Division Fees- August 1, 2018 

Current Fee Structure- effective until July 31, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. 
Fee Type   Initial Fee   Additional Fee  
Building $75
(for first $3000 of construction value)
(per $1000 of construction value over the first $3000)
Plumbing Residential - $54
Commercial / Non-residential - $66
Residential - $8 per fixture
Commercial / Non-residential - $15 per fixture
Septic New Systems - $596
Repairs/Alterations - $358
Demolition $75 $10 (per 1000 ft2 of building area)
Construction Value includes the cost of materials, labour, profit, architectural/engineering work, etc. 

Approvals (when required and received PRIOR to submitting the building permit application)

Construction Near Streams or in Flood Prone Areas
Grand River Conservation Authority (519-621-2761) or grca@grandriver.ca
Long Point Conservation Authority (1-888-231-5408) or conservation@lprca.on.ca
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (905-788-3135) or www.npca.ca

Construction Affecting Designated Heritage Buildings
Heritage Haldimand (905-318-5932 ext 6346 or lacac@haldimandcounty.on.ca

Construction in Close Proximity to Intensive Animal Operations
Ministry of Agriculture & Food (519-826-3100)

Construction Setbacks and Entrance Permits on Provincial Highways
Ministry of Transportation (1-800-265-6072)

Construction Requiring Environmental Compliance Approval
Ministry of Environment (1-800-461-6290)

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