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Background SpacerZoning Verification, Municipal Work Orders & Building Construction Information

Generally this type of information is requested upon the sale of a property, usually by a lawyer.  However, in some instances this information may be requested for other purposes.

* Please note that zoning verification cannot be given over the phone.

There are two options available for zoning verification on a property:

  1. Zoning maps are available on the Haldimand County website through the Zoning By-Laws.  All three of the County's Zoning By-Laws (Haldimand, Dunnville and Nanticoke) are available online for you to determine the zoning on your own.
  2. Zoning verification can also be requested in writing, by filling out the pdf_miniWork Order and Zoning Request form.  Once the top portion of the form has been completed, please deliver the form along with the appropriate fees to any of the three Haldimand County Satellite Offices (depending on the area in which the request is being made), so that your request can be completed by Building Services staff.


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