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What can be done regarding signs that are too close to the road and/or blocking the sidewalk?
Haldimand County has pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10 that regulates where signs can be erected on buildings, private and public property. If you would like to make a complaint or inquiry regarding a sign, please contact By-Law Enforcement staff or submit a complaint/inquiry form online.

Winter Control 

Can I leave my vehicle parked on the street, in a designated parking area, during a snowstorm?
No. Haldimand County's pdf_miniWinter Parking Restrictions By-Law 302/02 designates certain streets as snow routes. Snow routes are in effect from November 15th of any year until April 15th of the following year between 2:00 am and 8:00 am. Please see the Winter Control section for additional information.

If I am not in a snow route, can I park on the street in the winter months?
Haldimand County permits alternate side parking in the winter months on streets that normally permit parking on both sides of the street. Where parking is normally permitted on one side of the street, no on-street parking will be permitted. These restrictions take place from November 15th of any year until April 15th of the following year.

What can I do to prepare for a snowstorm?
Keep parked cars off the street so that plows can move through the streets more effectively. Fewer cars on the street can help us plow the snow. When a snow storm is in the forecast, you should ensure that you purchase any food, medication, and household supplies that you might need for the next 48 hours. Try to stay off the streets.

A County plow has plowed snow in front of my driveway, will the County come back and remove the snow?
The plowing operation places snow from the road to the curb or boulevard. Unfortunately, this may deposit snow in front of a freshly shovelled driveway.

Do I have to shovel snow and ice from all the sidewalks that abut my property?
Yes, as per the County's pdf_miniSidewalk/Roof Snow Removal By-Law 301/02, if you own or occupy a building, you are required to clear and remove snow and ice from immediately in front of, beside or behind the building within 24 hours after the snow stops falling.

What happens if I do not clear my sidewalks?
By-law Enforcement Staff will issue a notice instructing you to remove the snow/ice from the sidewalk within a prescribed period of time. If you fail to comply, the County will clear the sidewalk and a $75.00 administration charge and the cost of removing the snow/ice will be charged to the owner.

What if I am unable to clear snow from sidewalks/driveways because of my age or disability?
Unfortunately, snow removal services for seniors and individuals with disabilities are not available from the County. Many local community groups have volunteers who will lend a helping hand. You can contact Haldimand-Norfolk Community Senior Support Services at 1-800-265-2818, or there are also a number of private snow clearing contractors who provide this service (check the Yellow Pages for listings).

What can be done if my mailbox has been damaged by a County plow?
The County will repair or replace a damaged or destroyed mailbox if it is deemed to result from a direct hit by plow equipment. Mailboxes damaged by snow load off the plow equipment will not be eligible for repair or replacement by the County. The responsibility for maintaining mailboxes lies with the owner of the mailbox. Mailbox owners are required to repair their own mailboxes that have been damaged by snow impact. Please re-attach the mailbox securely to prevent this from happening again. To report a damaged mailbox, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 905-318-5932. An inspection, assessment and recommendation will be made by Roads Operation staff. Mailboxes replaced by the County will be a basic mailbox, not necessarily the same as the original mailbox. Damaged posts will be replaced by temporary posts with permanent repairs undertaken in the spring.


Do I need to identify myself when making a complaint?
Yes, you must identify yourself when making a complaint. By-Law Enforcement staff will not accept anonymous complaints. You must provide legitimate details (full name, address and telephone number) in order for your complaint to be investigated. Complainant information is protected under the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act on all enforcement related complaints.

How can I make a complaint to By-Law Enforcement staff?
Complaints can be made by telephone (905-318-5932), online or in person at a County office.

What happens when I make a complaint?
A valid complaint will be documented and then investigated by By-Law Enforcement staff for violations.  If violations are found, By-Law Enforcement staff will proceed with action to gain compliance.  Complainants will receive a follow-up call regarding the complaint, if requested.


What penalties may I face if I fail to comply with an Order to Comply within the specified time period?
If you do not satisfactorily complete work under the Order to Comply by the due date and you have not appealed the order within the appeal period, the County will consider that you have failed to comply and will not allow you another opportunity to appeal the order. If you have failed to comply, the County may take legal action through the Provincial Offences Court. You could face a fine and the County may also perform the work that the order outlines at your expense by applying the cost of the work directly to your property taxes.

Who can I contact regarding smoking in public places?
The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit responds to incidents of non-compliance within the County.  The Healthy Environment Team's Tobacco Control Officers will respond to inquiries and complaints regarding smoking.  Officers can be contacted at smokefreeontario@hnhu.org, 519-426-6170 or 905-318-6623.  Please note that calls can be made anonymously.  For more information please visit the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit's Smoke Free Ontario information page.

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