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The Planning Division is responsible for various initiatives that aim to create more vibrant and attractive communities, including improvements to public spaces and places as well as private developments. Recognizing that once built, a development or infrastructure project will be in place for decades, it is important to promote design excellence in terms of function (how something works), order (how things are placed / sequenced), identity (how something connects within context of its surroundings; how recognizable a space / place is) and appeal (how people feel about it / are attracted to it / continue to come back to it). The point is that the way something ‘looks’ and ‘works’ can be as important, if not more important than the land use itself. With that backdrop, the County has implemented a number of key plans to guide design excellence.


Urban Design 

Urban Design Guidelines  

Haldimand County strives to create more vibrant and attractive communities through the initiatives of Urban Design Guidelines. The Urban Design Guidelines are a tool used to ensure a high standard of urban design results from various development projects. These guidelines are applied during the evaluation of proposals in the development approval process and address elements such as building materials, exterior finishes, parking area design, building height and massing, etc. For more information on Urban Design Guidelines currently in effect, please explore the information below:



Streetscape Plans 

A streetscape plan identifies recommended improvements to the public places and spaces in the core areas of the County’s urban and hamlet settlements. The intent is to improve the physical and visible qualities of the core areas, protect and enhance attributes of the historical crossroads, and increase opportunities for shopping, tourism, and employment. Streetscaping elements can include lighting, street furniture, decorative cross-walks, and landscaping measures. Haldimand County has developed streetscape plans for the public spaces in five of its six urban areas and six of its 25 hamlets as indicated below:

  • Urban Streetscape Plans: there are approved streetscape plans for the following urban areas:
  • Pdf IconRural Streetscape Plans: The combined streetscape plan for the hamlets of Byng, Fisherville, Port Maitland, Rainham Centre, Selkirk and York has been prepared.

    Preparation of streetscape plans for the remaining areas may be initiated when required in future.
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