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In February 2016, Haldimand County Council approved recommendations to proceed with the development of a centralized, consolidated municipal service delivery model, involving the construction of a new administration building & development of community hubs (based out of libraries) as municipal service access points. The centralized service model was selected after thorough evaluation and community consultation, which determined it as the best option for a growing, thriving Haldimand.  

Plans for the new building and service delivery model have been in the development stages since their approval in early 2016, with a focus on enhancing customer service, maximizing administrative/operational efficiencies and ensuring long-term cost effectiveness.

Project Status

Matheson Constructors Limited of Aurora, Ontario were awarded the contract to construct the new Central Administration Building. Construction will commence on May 25 with the project on track for completion by Fall 2019.


June 2015
Council identifies Administration Accommodation Review as top corporate priority

August 2015 – February 2016
- Comprehensive review of accommodation & service delivery options
- Significant engagement process (community consultations)
- Consolidated administrative office service delivery model receives Council approval (February 2016)

February 2016 – June/July 2016
- Site options & feasibility review (26 Cayuga locations)

August 2016
- Report recommending Cayuga Arena site approved by Council

September 2016 – December 2016
- RFP of architectural consultants & selection of Thier + Curran Architects Inc.
- Development of design principles and office space standards
- Facility tours
- Internal consultation begins

January – July 2017
- Internal consultations completed (staff survey, divisional & Senior Management Team consultations)
- Development of site plans, floor plans, elevations & cost estimates

August 2017
- Report to Council for design and scope approval

October 2017
- RFPQ issued

November 2017
- RFPQ results announced

March - April 2018
- Construction tender period

May 2018
- Construction contract awarded; crews mobilize and construction commences

Background Information 

Central Administration Project Update - Presentation (September 18, 2018) 

Central Administration Building Construction - Drone Footage (August 27, 2018) 

Central Administration Building Construction - 4D Simulation 

Frequently Asked Questions - Central Administration Building 

Frequently Asked Questions - Central Administration Building brochure 

Financial Fact Sheet - Central Administration Building

PED-GM-04-2017 - Central Administration Building Design (August 2017)

PED-PD-02-2017 - Zoning Amendment for County Administration Project (February 2017)

PED-GM-06-2016 - Central Administration Project – Work Plan and Property Matters (June 2016)

Administration Accommodation Review - Public Consultation Report (February 2016)

Administration Accommodation Review - Additional Information (January 2016)

CAO-01-2016 - Administration Accommodation Review - Final Report (January 2016)

Administration Accommodation Review - Phase 1 Final Report (November 2015)

PED-GM-06-2015 - Administrative Buildings Accommodation Review Process (July 2015)

Press Releases 

20180523 - Central Administration Building Construction To Commence

20170829 - Haldimand County Council Approves Central Administration Building Design and Budget

20170116 - Haldimand County's Dunnville Satellite Office Sold, Staff and Services Relocating

20160205 - County To Consolidate Administrative Offices into One Location in Cayuga 

20150902 - Accommodations Review  

Contact Information

For more information on the Administration Accommodation Review / Central Administration Project, contact Cathy Case, Manager, Support Services & Central Administration Project Co-Lead or Phil Mete, Manager of Construction, Central Administration Project.

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