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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Donald Boyle 

Chief Administrative Officer
Donald G. Boyle, ext 6320
Phone: 905 318 5932
Fax: 905 772 2085

Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
- Vacant

The Role of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) 

As the most senior staff person within the County, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) reports to County Council, is responsible for providing advice to Council and to ensure the direction of Council is implemented. All departments within the County report directly to the CAO and overall management of the administration and affairs of the County rests within the office of the CAO, in accordance with policies approved by Council.

We invite you to have a look at the Term of Council Corporate Priorities - Updated May 2018

A message from the Chief Administrative Officer 

We have embraced the cultural heritage of the area and have built our municipal foundations on the values of our community. To guide our decisions and actions, we have established 3 Key Corporate Pillars:

1. Growing our Local Economy by Creating Economic Opportunity 

Making expenditures and taking action to support the strengthening of the economic base of the County. Examples of this are new infrastructure investment to allow growth; urban re-development which will generate assessment growth, programs to retain and/or expand existing business and industry, tourism enhancement.

2. Community Vibrancy & Healthy Community 

Investing in high quality, sustainable services that promote the well being of communities and contribute to the betterment of the quality of our natural environment or the health of residents.

3. Corporate Image & Efficient Government 

Making change and investments that will result in visible, positive image for the County by providing more accessible, efficient or more cost effective local government for our residents.

Further, we have instituted Way of Work standards which are guidelines for how the Corporation is to conduct its business functions and especially, how staff will conduct the business of the County. Our Way of Work is based upon:

  • Customer Service – Making the relationship with our citizens our priority and emphasis.
  • Proactive Communication – Anticipating the needs of our customers and providing timely and accurate information.
  • Trust, Respect, Integrity and Humanity – Treating people fairly and equally and celebrating achievement.
  • Teamwork / Collaboration Across Service Areas – Internal interactions that are oriented toward common goals, shared interests and helping each other.
  • Community Engagement / Partnerships – Engaging staff and stakeholders with real opportunities to be involved in shaping the decisions that affect them.
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