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Planning and Economic Development

Cayuga Administration Building
Phone: 905 318 5932
Fax: 905 772 3541

General Manager - Craig Manley, ext 6308

Administrative Coordinator - Debra Hunter, ext 6346

The Role of the Planning and Economic Development, General Manager
Administrative Department Head responsible for:

  • Budgets
  • Organizational change/performance standards
  • Council and community relations
  • Annual work prioritization planning process
  • Member of County Senior Management Team

The Department:

This Department is comprised of four Divisions that provide services to the public at offices located in Cayuga, Caledonia, Dunnville and Hagersville.

The key services of the Department are: 

  • The full range of planning approvals permitted under the "Planning Act".
  • Long-range comprehensive "quality of life" planning services and special projects.
  • Create conditions for local economy improvement and increased community vibrancy through business retention & support, tourism and incentive programs.
  • Developing community partnerships to improve community facilities and amenities and the delivery of recreational and cultural services for citizens.
  • Inspection of structures to ensure building code compliance for the health and safety of county residents.
  • Enforcement of by-laws and implementation of programs that protect persons and property from a "public good" perspective.
  • Department services by Division are outlined on the PED Functional Services Chart


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 2013 Year End Summary Presentation 
 2014 Year End Summary Presentation 
 2015 Year End Summary Presentation
 2016 Year End Summary Presentation
 2016 Service Standards Update Report 

Work Plan Icon  2013 Priority Work Plan Initiatives 
2014 Priority Work Plan Initiatives
2015 Priority Work Plan Initiatives
2016 Priority Work Plan Initiatives
2017 Priority Work Plan Initiatives
Report Icon  2017 - 1st Quarter Activity Report
2017 - 2nd Quarter Activity Report
2017 - 3rd Quarter Activity Report 
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