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In Haldimand County's Planning & Development Division, we operate and deliver our services in line with a series of 'Way of Work' committments. One of our key areas of focus is on customer service. We want to make the relationship with our citizens (our 'customers') our priority and emphasis. In that, we must ensure that we respond to matters promptly, accurately and with respect. To assist us in determining 'how we are doing' in these areas and where we could improve aspects of our service delivery, we are conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Please take 5 minutes to answer the series of questions below as they relate to your recent dealings with staff of the Planning & Development Division.

A) Timeliness

  1. I was satisfied with the amount of time it took to get the service

  2. I was able to get through to a staff person without difficulty

  3. The promptness of the response / process positively assisted me in meeting my goal(s)


B) Comprehension & Navigation of Process

  1. The staff person was very knowledgeable and competent

  2. The staff person took the time to ensure I understood all aspects of the process, including: the timelines / key steps involved, public meeting process and potential outcomes

  3. The staff person took the time to explain the rationale for all aspects of the process (e.g. why do I have to do this? why does it take this long?, etc.)

  4. I was clearly informed of what the County required from me to complete the application process

  5. I was satisfied with the guidance materials I received (e.g. user brochure; guide to complete application form)

  6. The staff person kept me informed as the application process unfolded (e.g. periodic updates were provided regarding status, comments received, etc.)

  7. The staff person ensured I understood the end result and what steps were required next (e.g. how to complete conditions / who to speak to; etc.)


C) Respect

  1. The staff person was courteous

  2. The staff person did not rush me and gave me the time and attention I needed and deserved, including help with the completion of the application

  3. I left the office feeling like my matter was important to the staff person and would be treated as a priority


D) Overall

  1. Considering the total service package, I am satisfied with the service I received

  2. What aspects of service were most beneficial for you?
  3. What aspects of service were of no benefit to you?

  4.  What aspects of the service could be improved to assist you better?

  5.  If there is a confidential matter or significant concern you would like to speak to the manager about, please provide your contact information:


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