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Event:  Community Meeting - July 13 - Capital Investments in South Cayuga 
Type:  Public Meeting  
Department:  Planning and Economic Development  
Division:  Community Development and Partnerships  
Open:  2017-06-16  
Close:  2017-07-14  
Reference Document:   

Help us develop an action plan that meets the needs of South Cayuga. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017 
6:30 – 8:30 p.m. 
South Cayuga Community Church 
6182 Rainham Rd, Dunnville, ON N1A 2W8  

The evening will be hosted by Ward 2 Councillor Fred Morison, and is a follow-up to a community meeting which took place in November 2016. Haldimand County Council would like your feedback to the suggestions made last year.

Community suggestions for County-funded capital investments in South Cayuga (from November 2016 South Cayuga Community Meeting): 
Roads & Public Works: 
1. Construction of sidewalks between the new South Cayuga community signs;
2. Asphalt/concrete soft shoulders throughout the hamlet;
3. Paving of road shoulders along Rainham Road for better and safer walking/bicycling;
4. Tar/chip and widen River Road;
5. Fix/widen the bridge on River Road between Yaremy and South Cayuga Roads;
6. Improve Internet and phone access for rural residents;
7. Additional roads signage to address speeding and parking on River Road;
8. Pave Haldimand Rd. 50 from Haldimand Rd. 20 to River Road/the Grand River (Yaremy Rd.);
9. Street or solar lights at intersection of South Cayuga and Lakeshore Road;
10. Repair/upgrade Lakeshore Road for year-round resident and tourist use.

Parks & Recreation: 

11. Create public access to waterfront at the end of Regional Road 50;
12. Create a park in the community;
13. Addition of community space attached to new Fire Hall; and,
14. Build boat launch and park/picnic area along the river at Haldimand Road 50. 

Operational Matters: 
15. Increased OPP presence on Rainham Road to address speeding;
16. Institute no parking on either side of Lakeshore Road for increased safety;
17. Address increased bicycle traffic on roads (need washrooms and traffic enforcement).




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