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Detachment Commander Phil Carter 

The 2012 business plan outlines the broader goals of the Haldimand County Police Services Board, Community, and Haldimand County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment. All have worked in a partnership to develop this plan. I believe that the foundation of a safe community, which includes an increased quality of life, comes from a supported collaboration between the police and the community, working together to identify and resolve local community problems and issues to prevent their recurrence.

The business plan acts as a social contract with our citizens and responds directly to the community’s identified needs and concerns. The plan is a blueprint for public safety and security and is coupled with a high level of accountability. The plan assigns specific responsibilities to ensure that public needs are met effectively, efficiently and economically. Working with the community ensures that the OPP continues to provide a locally tailored and accountable police service. Our community has affirmed that our focused efforts should be placed on: highway safety – speeding in particular, youth issues – mischief in particular, police visibility, and drug issues.

Police visibility will underpin our policing strategy this year in Haldimand County. Foot patrol and bicycle patrol will be significant components to this strategy and as a detachment we will strive to get out of our police vehicles and “walk the beat”. In addition, a success factor over the past year I believe is that the community is talking about the impact of excessive speed and distracted driving. Also, as part of our highway enforcement success, our impaired driving initiative has shown an increase of 31% in charges
during 2011.

As the senior OPP officer in Haldimand County, I commit to continuing the provision of clear, decisive and strong police leadership to Haldimand County Detachment. We, as a policing presence and part of this community, will continue to participate in local events that provide for the betterment of the community, I am humbled to provide public service to Haldimand County and as Detachment Commander, remain proud of our detachment members and their accomplishments. I look forward to continued success in 2012.

Phil Carter
Detachment Commander
Haldimand County Detachment

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