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 Edinburgh  Edinburgh Square Heritage & Cultural Centre
80 Caithness Street East
Box 2056
Caledonia, Ontario
Canada, N3W 2G6
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Phone: 905-765-3134
Fax: 905-765-3009
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 CayMuseum  Haldimand County Museum & Archives
8 Echo Street
Box 38
Cayuga, Ontario
Canada, N0A 1E0
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Phone: 905-772-5880
Fax: 905-772-1725
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 MacDonald  Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum
3513 Rainham Road
Selkirk, Ontario
Canada, N0A 1P0
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Phone: 905-776-3319
Fax: 905-776-0683
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Haldimand Museums offer a unique and tangible connection between the past and the present through the interpretation of material, culture, stories and lives of real people who once lived in our community. Together, the Museums provide a variety of opportunities and experiences that enrich the lives of our citizens.

Early patterns of settlement in Haldimand County are still visible in the landscape and architecture, spanning from the pre-Contact era to the proclamation of the Haldimand Land Grant for the Six Nations and the subsequent migration of Loyalist settlers – Americans, largely of German descent and Mennonite tradition. Throughout the 1800’s, an influx of immigration from the British Isles contributed significantly to the area’s development , as did the small but industrious Black community of the late 19th Century – many descended from ex-slaves of the American South. Since the post-war years of the 20th Century, a significant stream of immigration from the Netherlands has also added to our ever-expanding mosaic of cultural identity, as have the age-old traditions of our Indigenous neighbours – the Six Nations and New Credit communities.

This mosaic has inspired a rich and matchless inventory of significant objects, experiences, sites, structures, features, activities, memories, traditions, creations, relationships, performances and celebrations that help to identify today’s Haldimand County.

To view and register for the various Museum programs offered for all ages, go to:

 Haldimand Museums Advisory Board 

The Haldimand Museums Advisory Board assists, advises, promotes and furthers the objectives of Haldimand Museums (Haldimand County Museum & Archives; Edinburgh Square Heritage & Cultural Centre; Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum).

For further information please contact Anne Unyi, Supervisor, Heritage & Culture Unit, Community Development & Partnerships at (905) 318-5932 xt 6516.

Educational Resources

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 pdf_miniWWI Instructional Manual for Teachers
Information on four separate sets of records pertaining to the history of WWI from a Haldimand County perspective.

Pdf Icon Will E. Young Papers Northwest Rebellion 1885 

The support of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is gratefully acknowledged.

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