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Admissions & Accommodations 

How do I or my loved one become a Resident of Grandview Lodge?
The applicant or family member must first begin the application process with the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).  If the applicant is eligible, CCAC will help you to identify your needs, inform you of the criteria, explain how the admission process works, inform you of the fees and help you to apply.  The CCAC can be reached by the following Contact Information:

TOLL FREE: 1-800-810-0000
Haldimand-Norfolk 1-519-426-7400
76 Victoria Street
Simcoe ON  N3Y 1L5 

What happens when a bed becomes available?
When a bed becomes available the CCAC will make a bed offer to an applicant. The individual or family member has 24 hours to accept the bed, if the offer is declined, the applicant is taken off all wait lists and must begin the application process again.
To check wait times for long-term care homes in this area please visit the CCAC website.


Grandview Lodge is a 128 bed home with four separate Resident Home Areas of 32 beds each. There are 4 private rooms and 28 basic rooms in each home area.  All rooms offer a built in armoire, side table, a bed and a chair.  Cable/internet access and phone services are available in each room (fee is extra).  Memory boxes are located outside each Resident's room to showcase your loved one’s cherished mementos.  Each memory box comes with its own key. 

Private rooms are located at the end of each Resident Home Area and have a large floor space, private ensuite bathroom, two windows and sitting area.  Private rooms are 228 square feet of bedroom, entrance and bathroom space. 

Basic rooms offer a window view and a wheelchair accessible washroom shared by two Residents.  Basic rooms are 130 square feet of bedroom space either side of the shared bathroom, 56 square feet entrance space, shared; 52 square feet of bathroom space.

Std Room                        Std Room - Full size            

Basic Room Side A (large wall cabinet)                           Basic Room Side B (small wall cabinet)               

Tours are available Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.  Please contact Martina Collingridge, Unit Clerk, at 905 774-7547, ext 2227, and leave a message to set up a tour time. Please leave your name, and telephone number.

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Resident and Family Information Booklet
This booklet is designed to inform new Residents and their families what to expect when living at Grandview Lodge, and may also be used in the future as a reference.

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