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Recreation & Activities 

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Recreation is a main focus of daily life at Grandview Lodge.  A Recreation Programmer is assigned to each home unit and provides daily recreational games and activities that cover a range of Residents’ interests.


Resident reading in the library.              Computer-Sitting
Our home has a large library where Residents are welcome to take books for leisure reading.  We have reading clubs organized by other Residents which are enjoyable if you are a bookworm.

Tuck Shop 

Residents in Tuck Shop
Our Tuck Shop is open daily 2-4 PM and offers Residents and their families a welcome gathering place.  We decorate the tuck shop seasonally and continually source out items that the Residents will enjoy.  We offer ice cream treats all year round, chips, baked goods, tea, coffee and cold drinks as well.  We have a little bit of everything that we think Residents would enjoy.

Resident Outings 

Our Recreation Programmers take Residents out for lunch to restaurants in Port Dover, Hamilton, St. Catharines, and elsewhere.  There are also trips to the mall so Residents can browse shops for the afternoon.  We ask for volunteers to come along to spend time with the Residents for outings such as these - visit the Employment/Volunteer Opportunities page to become a volunteer.

Special Events
Grandview offers special events for our Residents, we have Ice Cream Socials, a Fall Fair, seasonal and community events such as Halloween parties and the Family Day Picnic, Thanksgiving lunch for families, monthly birthday parties and weekly pub nights.

Visiting Pet Therapy 

Pet Therapy       Kangaroo Visit
Grandview brings in an assortment of animals for petting and handling by our Residents. These include dogs and cats and even exotic animals.

Church Services
We have different churches from the community come on Sundays to provide church services to our Residents.  Resident families are welcome to join the Residents at these services.

Snoezelen Room 

Snoezelen is a combination of two Dutch verbs (snuffelen and doezelen) meaning to explore and relax; in North America we have also coined the term Multi-sensory Environments to describe this special environment.  Snoezelen rooms usually offer a blend of colourful lights, soothing sounds/music, textures and scents used to stimulate the senses.  These environments may be used for residents in late-staged dementia, palliative, or as an intervention for individuals experiencing agitation/anxiety and upset.  The Recreation staff offer Snoezelen programs regularly on their calendars to meet the needs of frail residents, but the equipment is available at all times for intervention purposes utilized by trained staff.


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