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Tax Information

How Are Tax Dollars Spent?

Click the image below to see how your average tax dollar is distributed among services in Haldimand County!

 Average Residential Tax Allocation by Service June 2015 

Change To Your Tax Information?

If you have recently moved, changed your mailing address, changed your banking information or  had any other changes to your tax roll information, please print the form below and return to one of our offices 

 pdf_miniTax Roll Information Change Form  

Methods Of Payment

  • in person
    • at most banks in Haldimand County. Please make sure you take your complete tax bill with you
    • at County Offices located in Cayuga, Dunnville, Caledonia and Hagersville. After Hours mail slots are available at locations
  • online banking - internet/telephone banking using your property roll number indicated on your tax bill. Enter payee as Haldimand County Taxes.
  • by credit card - Pay online with a credit card using service provider Paymentus (Canada) Corporation.
  • postdated cheques - if a receipt is required, please enclose your complete tax bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • by mail - if a receipt is required. please enclose your complete tax bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.



Tax Payment Plans
  • The ratepayer can join the monthly payment plan where deductions will be taken out on the 1st of each month.
    Applications must be received three weeks prior to the first of the month and all taxes must be current before the application is accepted. For more information please contact the Tax Department
  • pdf_miniTax Payment Plan methods 
Tax Due Dates
    2015 Final Due Dates
  • First installment - August 31, 2015
  • Second installment - October 30, 2015

Late Payments

Late payments will result in a penalty and interest charge of 1.25% of the outstanding taxes applicable the first day past the due date. This charge is applied for the entire month.
Interest will be charged on tax arrears on the first day of each calendar month.
Penalty and Interest charges cannot be waived. 

 Tax Rebates 

 Other Rebates

 School Support

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears by Public Tender
  • Municipal Tax Sale proceedings can begin once taxes have been in arrears for at least three years including the current tax year. The first step in the Municipal Tax Sale process requires the County to register a Tax Arrears Certificate on title of a property. 
  • The debtor has one year from the date of registration of a Tax Arrears Certificate on title of the property to pay the cancellation price (which includes all of the taxes levied and outstanding, all accrued penalty/interest and costs). 
  • Failing payment within that year, the Treasurer is required to proceed with a sale of the property through a public tender. 

 pdf_mini  Official Tax Sale Tender Package 2015 


Haldimand County Budget Documents and Related Rates 

  • Water and Wastewater Budgets and Rates  
  • Tax Supported Operating Budgets and Tax Rates  
  • Tax Supported Capital Budgets and Forecasts  
  • Financial Statements  
  • Municipal Management Performance Program Results  
  • Continuity of Building Permit Cost Stabilization Reserve Fund 
  • Credit Rating  

    For more Tax Information please contact the Tax Department at 905-318-5932

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