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Background SpacerGibson - Bunn Building
19 Cayuga Street North, Cayuga, Ontario.

This building was constructed circa 1868-1880. It has a historical function in the commercial history of the Village of Cayuga. Originally, the property was owned by Agnew P. Farrel, a local entrepreneur. Agnew sold the property to George Gibson, an important businessman and grain trader in 1869. Gibson operated a liquor and grocery store, as well as carrying on a thriving grain business.

Features Designated Exterior:

  • Inlaid diamond and rectangular brickwork on the front fa├žade of the building
  • The crown, which is a step pattern of brick laying
  • Arched brickwork with inlaid stone in the center above all window openings
  • Original wood ceiling with an apparent chute opening
  • Original floor, which is believed to exist under the floor that is currently in the building


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