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Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness

Flooding Information 



The Grand River Conservation Authority gives the public the ability to


subscribe to their warning system.  Follow the link below for more info. 


GRCA Flood Warning System    as well as Twitter @grca_flood_msg    





During any emergency situation, 92.9 FM and local television stations


will have the up to date information 



Will you be prepared if an emergency happens?  It can happen without much warning.  Haldimand County's newly created "Emergency Preparedness Guide" will help assist you with your family's emergency planning.  Please take the time to review the guide and prepare your own "Emergency Preparedness Kit" so that you and your family are prepared should an emergency arise.



For further information on Haldimand County's Emergency Plan, please see below:
Pdf IconHaldimand County Emergency Plan 


Emergency Preparedness For Kids............

Having children understand the importance of emergency preparedness and coping with emergencies is a key element of emergency preparedness for families.  Educational activiites can be helpful in teaching children about how to prepare and what to do in an emergency.

Take the time to work with children on the age appropriate activity book and encourage discussions to lessen the scary impact that an unfamiliar disaster can have on them.  Include your children when making your preparations and creating your Emergency Preparedness Kit.


Ages 4 - 8
Ages 4-8 

Ages 8 - 12
Ages 8-12 

Ages 12 +
Ages 12 Plus 


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