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Haldimand County's logo is our corporate signature and like any signature, we are the custodians of where it appears and how it is used. 

Usage of the logo and coat of arms, both internally to Haldimand County and externally by other organizations, has been set out by Council in the policies listed below:

Haldimand County's logo and Coat of Arms are registered trademarks.  The Coat of Arms is solely for the use of Haldimand County and as such is not available for use by any other organization.

The use of the logo for commercial enterprises is strictly prohibited (i.e. used on a sales flyer for a local business)

The logo is permitted for use by non-profit organizations, with approval, on the condition that it be used to promote Haldimand County in a positive way and conforms to the standards of good taste.

Logo Usage Guidelines   

  • Approval to use the Haldimand County logo must be granted by Haldimand County appointed representatives by completing and submitting the form below.
  • The preferred presentation of Haldimand County's logo is full colour on a white background.  When there are colour-limited processes, the logo may be used in black & white (i.e. newpaper).
  • Any modifications to the logo are prohibited.
  • Do not change the logo's orientation.
  • Do not stretch or squeeze the logo to distort proportions.
  • Avoid placing the logo on a patterned background.
  • Do not add any additional effects to the logo (i.e. glow, emboss, shadow etc.)
  • To ensure the greatest visual impact, leave as much clear space as possible around the logo.
  • Do not reproduce the logo in a format smaller than 1 inch wide in print.

Applications will be approved by the Manager of Economic Development and Tourism or the General Manager of Planning and Economic Development.

Should your application for the use of Haldimand County's logo be denied, you have the right to appeal through Haldimand County Council.  Contact by email at 

If you have any questions about the use of our logo, please contact us by phoning 1.800.863.9607 or by email at 

Logo Specifics:    

HC Logo         The symbol comprises the silhouette of a majestic blue heron on a green landmass with a waterway and sunset background.  The words "A Grand Experience" arch over the heron in a burgundy banner and the words "Haldimand County" make up the base of the graphic with a small red maple leaf embedded at the end.  

The logo comes in several variations including:   

  • Colour - Small White border around the logo on a white background
  • Colour - Small White border around the logo with no background
  • Colour - Borderless logo on a white background
  • Colour - Borderless logo with no background (for use on coloured backgrounds)
  • Black & White - Borderless logo on a white background

Haldimand County Logo Colours    







Dark Blue 

94.51, 533.33, 2.35, 0 


0, 111, 180 


Dark Green 

94.12, 36.47, 95.69. 30.59 


0, 96, 54 



0, 34, 75, 0 


251, 178, 87 



26.67, 97.12, 76.08, 14.12 


166, 47, 60 


Light Blue 

54.25, 30.61, 1.35, 0 


118. 156, 207 



0, 0, 0, 100 


35, 31, 32 


Haldimand County Logo Usage Request Form  





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