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Haldimand County’s Advisory Boards and Committees provide Council and staff with input on a wide variety of issues. The County welcomes residents representing diverse backgrounds to participate in the Boards and Committees. Becoming a member offers a unique chance to volunteer your skills to the betterment of our community, meet new people, share your ideas, develop your skills while addressing a common interest.

**Click Here to Access the Online Application**  - Deadline: November 30th.

Accessibility Advisory Committee
The Haldimand County Accessibility Advisory Committee (HCAAC) is a key resource and contributor to accessibility planning issues in all Departments of Haldimand County. The HCAAC is dedicated to promoting a barrier-free environment for all persons, regardless of needs, to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of community life. The Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2001 (ODA) legislates the majority of HCAAC members shall include persons with disabilities. These committee members shall be representative of different types of visible and invisible disabilities noted in the ODA such as persons with physical (visual, speech, hearing, deaf, brain injury, use of wheelchair); cognitive (intellectual impairments); perceptual (learning disability); and mental health disabilities. The committee has access to resources to consider all disabilities when making recommendations. A County appointed Staff Liaison works with the HCAAC to help facilitate the process. The HCAAC is developing protocols to advise County staff on various topics including site plan applications, renovations for County-owned facilities and all relevant Department purchases.
Contact: accessibility@haldimandcounty.on.ca 
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Agricultural Advisory Committee
The Agricultural Advisory Committee, an advisory committee of Haldimand County Council and advises Council on matters, issues and policies pertaining to agriculture and agribusiness in Haldimand County. Membership is comprised of two representatives from the Haldimand Federation of Agriculture; two representatives from the Christian Farmers Association; a representative from the Agri-business community at large; and local farmers with a variety of farming backgrounds as well as youth.
Staff Liaison, Zach Gable: zgable@haldimandcounty.on.ca
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Business Development and Planning Advisory Committee 

The Business Development and Planning Advisory Committee’s  key role is to offer advice and perspective  on what is happening within the business community and provide feedback on the success of Haldimand County’s Economic Development and Tourism strategies.  The Committee will provide input on the proposed annual divisional work plan as well as the operating and capital budget to be submitted to Council for final approval.  The committee will work with staff to promote the County to prospective clients to demonstrate alignment between local government and the business community. The Committee also functions as the statutory Planning Advisory Committee and provides advice/input into major strategic planning initiatives that will have an impact on economic development within the County such as land supply and servicing strategies and Official Plan updates.

Staff Liaison, Lidy Romanuk: lromanuk@haldimandcounty.on.ca 
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 Committee of Adjustment / Property Standards Committee/Dog Muzzle Appeals 

The Committee of Adjustment is empowered to grant land severances and minor variances of any by-laws that implement the Official Plans in effect in the County. Persons interested in an appointment to the Committee shall have an interest in land use planning matters, have a demonstrated commitment to community affairs and be willing to commit the required time to prepare for and attend meetings. Members receive an honorarium. 

The Committee of Adjustment also has the role of Sign Variance Committee wherein applications for relief from requirements of the County’s Sign By-law are considered and decided upon.
The Property Standards Committee deals with appeals to Property Standards Orders to Remedy Violation of Standards of Maintenance and Occupancy pursuant to the Building Code Act.

The Committee also deals with appeals to Animal Control By-law specifically dog muzzle Orders usually resulting from dog bites.
It is anticipated that the Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Committee will meet at 9:00 AM, the second Tuesday of each month at the Haldimand County Cayuga Administration Building.
 Staff liaison, Laurie Fledderus: lfledderus@haldimandcounty.on.ca  

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Haldimand County Public Library Board
Your Public Library Board is a separate, independent corporation with the legal duty to provide “a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s unique needs” (Public Libraries Act). Council appoints six citizen volunteers and one Councilor to sit on the Board for a four-year term. The Board meets ten times a year, and is involved in strategic planning, policy-making, building projects and other initiatives that allow the Library to provide value-added service to the residents of Haldimand County. For more information on the Board visit the Library Board page.
Staff Liaison: Paul Diette: pdiette@haldimandcounty.on.ca 
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 Haldimand Museums Advisory Board
Haldimand Museum & Archives, Cayuga; Edinburgh Square Heritage & Cultural Centre, Caledonia; Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum, Selkirk are committed places of education and discovery that highlight the history of Haldimand County for both residents and visitors.
The purpose of the Haldimand Museums Advisory Board is to participate in strategic planning activities, initiate and participate in outreach and fundraising activities, advocate for Haldimand Museums within the community, and to approve community museum operating policies as required by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Operated under The Ontario Heritage Act, Reg. 877. Appointments to the Haldimand Museums Advisory Board are for a four-year term concurrent with that of Council; positions are voluntary and meetings are held quarterly.
Staff Liaison, Anne Unyi: aunyi@haldimandcounty.on.ca 

Heritage Haldimand Advisory Board
Heritage Haldimand advises Council on matters pertaining to parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act and assists Council in carrying out its heritage conservation program. Heritage Haldimand educates the community to encourage a conservation ethic and a climate of responsible stewardship of the community's heritage building and landscape assets. Qualifications of Municipal Heritage Committee members vary; a successful committee will have within their membership a breadth of skills in architectural and historical research, education and promotion, rehabilitation and restoration techniques and business development. Appointments are for the remainder of a 4-year term concurrent with that of Council and are voluntary positions. Meetings are held monthly.
Staff Liaison, Anne Unyi: aunyi@haldimandcounty.on.ca 
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Police Services Board
The Haldimand County Police Services Board (PSB) establishes priorities, objectives and policies regarding policing in Haldimand County, upon consultation with the Detachment Commander and Haldimand County Council. The rights and responsibilities of the PSB are legislated and are outlined in the Police Services Act, as a Section 10 Board.
The Board is comprised of a total of five members; two members of Council, two Provincial Appointees and one Community Member, which is appointed by Council. This application is for the Community Member. The term of the appointment is for four years commencing January 2019.
Contact: psbadministration@haldimandcounty.on.ca 

Trails Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Trails Advisory Committee is to represent and oversee trail interests on behalf of residents and trail interest groups across the County. The goal of HCTAC is to expand, enhance and promote a public trail system within Haldimand County consistent with the County’s Trails Master Plan. This trail system will support a variety of travel modes and will contribute to the County’s overall quality of life.
Staff Liaison, Sheila Wilson: cdp@haldimandcounty.on.ca 
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