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The Cayuga Streetscape Plan project intends to focus on developing a streetscape plan for the downtown area of Cayuga over a 5 year period and completing the actual construction of Public Streetscaping infrastructure improvements. This work can serve as a catalyst to stimulate private sector investments of property within the designated downtown area, improve the physical and visible qualities of the downtown area, protect and enhance attributes of the historical crossroads and downtown core, and also promote economic development by increasing opportunities for shopping, tourism, employment, and living in the downtown area. Streetscaping elements will include lighting, street furniture, cross-walk materials, and landscaping measures.

The resulting required beautification and enhancements will be undertaken by Haldimand County in a phased, coordinated manner. It is anticipated that beautification items such as the provision of street furniture and landscaping will be completed by local community groups (e.g. BIA). The study will also provide an opportunity for the downtown business communities and the public to provide collaborative input into design concepts for this urban area.

Project Manager:  Mike Evers, Manager Planning and Development - contact at 905-318-5932, ext. 6204

     Pdf Icon January 17, 2013 Public Design Workshop/Open House 

     Pdf Icon April 15, 2013 Public Open House 

     Pdf Icon Preliminary Streetscape Plan Panels 

    Pdf Icon August 27, 2013 Council in Committee Public Meeting 

    Pdf Icon Cayuga Streetscape Plan - Final Draft - August 2013 

    Pdf Icon Cayuga Streetscape Plan - Final Appendices - August 2013 

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