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Animal Control 

Why do I need a dog license (tag) for my dog?
All dogs over 16 weeks of age, living within Haldimand County, are required to be licensed, and the license must be renewed every year for a fee. Haldimand County promotes responsible pet ownership through the licensing of dogs.

Where can dog licenses be purchased? 

Haldimand County Satellite Office - 282 Argyle St S
Caledonia Vet Clinic - 230 Argyle St S
Grand River Veterinary Clinic - 228 Argyle St N
Ruffins Pet Centre - 322 Argyle St S

Haldimand County Administrative Office - 45 Munsee St N
Cayuga Pets N' More - 8 Ouse St N

Haldimand County Satellite Office - 117 Forest St E
Dunnville Veterinary Clinic - 110 Ramsey Dr
Ruffins Pet Centre - 225 Queen St E

2 Main West Variety & Gas - 2 Main St W
Haldimand County Satellite Office - 1 Main St S
Paul's Sporting Goods - 42 King St W

Jarvis Library - 2 Monson St

Selkirk Library - 34 Main St

York General Store - 45 Front St S

What do I need to bring with me to get a dog license?
You will need to have the appropriate fee,  a valid rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate and/or verification of microchipped/tattooed, in order to qualify for the reduced fee.

When do I need to purchase my yearly dog license?
Dog licenses are required as of January 1st of the licensing year. Dog licenses are available by November 1st of each year. Dog licenses purchased after January 1st are subject to a $10 late fee.

What can I do if I have lost my dog or found a dog?
The Welland & District SPCA will need to be contacted and provided with the dog's license number, so that they can begin the search process for the dog or its rightful owner(s).

How many dogs can a person keep on a property?
A maximum of three dogs are permitted to be kept on any one premises in a residential area regardless of the ownership of the dogs.  A maximum of five dogs are permitted to be kept on any one premises outside the residential areas regardless of the ownership of the dogs (please note that this change took affect September 23, 2013 - any owner who has more than the maximum number of dogs prior to September 23, 2013 should fill out a verification form available from the County).  An additional dog is permitted if the dog is part of a Foster Program or is a Service Animal.

How many cats can a person keep on a property?
A maximum of six cats are permitted to be kept on any one premises in a residential area regardless of the ownership of the cats (please note that this change took affect September 23, 2013 - any owner who has more than the maximum number of cats prior to September 23, 2013 may keep their cats until they die or otherwise reduced in number).  Three additional cats are permitted on any one premises in a residential area provided that the owner is a member of a recognized cat rescue organization, cats are kept inside a detached dwelling unit at all times in order to reduce the impact on abutting dwelling units, and co-operation by owner to allow the County to confirm the number of cats living on the premises.

Do cats need to be identifed?
Yes, the owner of a cat in a residential area shall ensure his/her cat is identifed by either: a collar on which the owner's name and address is permanently inscribed, or a microchip, or a tattoo.

How often must animal waste be cleaned up?
Animal waste material and excrement must be cleaned up not less often than weekly from November 1st of one year to March 31st of the following year, and not less often than every three days from April 1st to October 31st.

Are all dogs and cats required to be vaccinated against rabies?
Yes, all dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies as determined by a qualified veterinarian.

Do I require a kennel license?
A license is required for a purebred or commercial kennel in which more than two dogs are boarded, bred, kept or trained.  The licensing fee to operate a purebred or commercial kennel is $100.  Every owner of a kennel must complete an application for a kennel license, which is available from the Licensing Officer at 905-318-5932 ext 6351, and includes a new provision requiring a kennel or dog license applicant to provide the names of alternate contact persons, in addition to the owner.  The owner of a kennel shall maintain a log of all dogs contained on the premises.  The location of the kennel must be in accordance with, and conform to, the provisions of the applicable Zoning By-Laws.  An owner who operates both a purebred and a commercial kennel at the same location is to pay only one licensing fee.


What is the Noise By-Law and when is it in effect?
The County’s Noise By-Law prohibits making noise that is clearly audible and is likely to disturb, and it is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Noise By-Law regulates the use of fireworks, commercial activities and construction with detailed dates and times of when the activities may be carried out. Please refer to pdf_miniNoise By-Law 1098/10 for more information, and to ensure that you are in compliance.

What types of noise are covered under the Noise By-Law?  

  • Racing motor vehicles
  • Squealing tires
  • Vehicles without effective exhaust
  • Poorly maintained vehicles or vehicles with trailers
  • Motor vehicle idling
  • Construction equipment without effective muffling
  • Detonation of fireworks
  • Discharge of firearms
  • Operating a toy/model/replica having a combustion engine
  • Amplified sounds
  • Auditory signaling devices
  • Operating motor vehicles other than on highways
  • Persistent noise from domestic animals or birds
  • Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing
  • Non-amplified musical instruments
  • Advertising
  • Operation of equipment in connection with construction
  • Operation of domestic power tools
  • Operation of motor vehicles for recreation
  • Barking dogs

Am I allowed to set off fireworks?
Fireworks are permitted to be set off only during specified times outlined in pdf_miniNoise By-Law 1098/10. No person shall set off or discharge or permit the setting off or discharge of consumer fireworks, except on the following days:

  • After 7:00 pm and before 11:00 pm the two days immediately preceding and one day following Victoria Day, Canada Day, July 4th and New Year’s Day.
  • Until 12:00 midnight on New Year’s Eve and until 12:30 am on New Year’s Day.
  • Any other days authorized by resolution of Council.

How do I make a complaint after hours?
If noise is occurring outside of the County's regular business hours and you wish to make a complaint, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police through the Dispatch Office at 1-888-310-1122.


How long can I park on a downtown street?
Haldimand County has designated sections of the downtown cores with a maximum parking limit of two hours, unless otherwise posted. The designated areas are signed and monitored by By-Law Enforcement staff.

How long can I park on other streets within Haldimand County?
Vehicles cannot be parked on any street in Haldimand County for more than 48 consecutive hours.

Are there other areas where I am not allowed to park?
Vehicles are never permitted to park on sidewalks or boulevards (whether paved or grass), within 1.5 metres of a fire hydrant, parked in the wrong direction, or parked within a space designated for disabled persons without displaying a proper permit.

How do I know which side I am allowed to park on for alternate side parking?
You are permitted to park on the odd numbered side of the street from 6:00 pm of the 1st of the month until 6:00 pm of the 15th of any month. You are permitted to park on the even numbered side of the street from 6:00 pm of the 15th of the month to 6:00 pm on the last day of the month.

How can I pay a parking ticket?
Payments can be made by mail or in person. Please note that parking tickets cannot be paid online at this time. Payments can be mailed in an envelope with the parking ticket and sufficient postage affixed with a cheque or money order payable to “Haldimand County” in the appropriate amount to Haldimand County By-Law Division, 282 Argyle Street South, Caledonia, ON, N3W 1K7. Payments can be made in person between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm by cheque, money order, credit or debit at County Offices.  *Please note that parking tickets CANNOT be paid online.

How long do I have to pay a parking ticket?
Most parking offences have a lower fine voluntary payment (paid within seven days) and set fine payment (paid within 15 days).

How do I dispute a parking ticket?
Option 3 on the back of the parking ticket gives the ticket holder the option of requesting a trial (within 15 days of the alleged parking infraction) to dispute the ticket. If you wish to dispute your parking ticket, you, or your agent must attend in person, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm at the Ontario Court of Justice, 45 Munsee Street (Cayuga, ON). You must bring the Parking Infraction Notice with you and a Notice of Intention to Appear must be signed. You cannot set a trial date by mail, phone or fax. You can also request a language interpreter for the trial.

What happens if I do not pay a parking ticket? 
Failure to pay the fine imposed upon conviction will result in your Ontario Vehicle Permit not being renewed and no new permit being issued to you until the fine and all court costs and fees have been paid.

Who has authority to issue parking tickets?
Haldimand County By-Law Enforcement staff and the Ontario Provincial Police have the full authority to issue tickets for parking violations.

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