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pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10 regulates private and public signs placed on lands, buildings and other structures within Haldimand County.

Compliance with pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10 does not relieve a property owner from complying with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, or any federal, provincial or municipal legislation.

No person shall erect, keep, or maintain a sign on any premises unless a permit is obtained from the County's Building Division prior to the erection or display of the sign.

Why is a Sign Permit Required?  

  • To address aesthetics, lighting and safety (e.g. traffic, pedestrian and structural components)
  • To ensure signs are constructed and installed addressing visibility aspects and structural failure due to weather and age

When is a Sign Permit Required?  

  • Construction of a new sign and/or alterations of an existing sign, or its structure (including replacement)
  • Please refer to The Building Permit Process for more information on obtaining a permit

Signs With Specific Regulations (see Section 9 of pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10)

  • Banner Signs
  • Billboard Signs
  • Community Event Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Electronic Message Board Signs
  • Inflatable Signs
  • Mobile Signs
  • Off-Site Directional Signs
  • Portable Signs
  • Poster Signs
  • Projecting Signs
  • Promotional Development Signs
  • Promotional Development Direction Signs
  • Wall Signs

Signs That Do Not Require a Sign Permit (see Section 4.15 of pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10)

  • Community Event Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Home Occupation/Industry Signs
  • Off-Site Direction Signs
  • Personal Signs
  • Portable Signs
  • Promotional Development Direction Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Real Estate Open House Direction Signs
  • Signs Advertising the Sale of Seasonal Farm Produce
  • Signs Having a Sign Area Less than 650 square centimetres (100 square inches)
  • Window Signs

Signs That Are Exempt from the Sign By-Law (see Section 4.16 of pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10)

  • Barn Signs
  • Commemorative Plaques or Cornerstones (that do not advertise)
  • Flags/Emblems (for patriotic, civic, educational or religious organizations)
  • Murals (that do not advertise)
  • Public Safety Signs
  • Public Use Signs (including signs required by and approved by the County, or signs erected or displayed or in connection with an activity conducted by the County)
  • Signs Containing Advertising Copies (that are erected on premises owned by public authorities and used for sports and recreation or for community events)
  • Signs Erected at Farmers’ Markets (operated by the County or non-profit agricultural societies)
  • Signs Erected by Non-Profit Agricultural Societies (for an event or fair that it operates)
  • Temporary Signs Associated With Sidewalk Sales (operated within Business Improvement Areas or by Merchants Associations)

A sign found in contravention of any provision of pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10 may be removed by the Inspector, or any person directed by him/her, immediately and without notice, and such sign may be disposed of or impounded at the discretion of the Inspector.

Please refer to pdf_miniSign By-Law 1064/10 for more information.

If you do not see your sign on the lists located above and are still unsure if your sign requires a Sign Permit, please contact a Building Inspector located in a Building Division office in your area. 

For more information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.
If you would like to make a complaint or an inquiry regarding parking, please contact a By-law Enforcement Officer located in your Enforcement Area at 905-318-5932 or submit the online complaint/inquiry form below. 

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