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Rotary Riverside Trail


Trail/Pathway Location Description
Thistlemoor Park Pathway  Caledonia Within the limits of Thistlemoor Park in the south end of Caledonia.
Kinsmen Park Walkway  Caledonia Paved and lit throughout Kinsmen Park on the north side of the Grand River.
Patterson Walkway  Caledonia Paved and lit on the east side of Argyle Street between the Grand River and Forfar Street.
Ramsay Walkway  Caledonia Paved and lit trail on the west side of Argyle Street between the Grand River and Forfar Street destined for the Caledonia Old Mill.
Rotary Riverside Trail  Caledonia to York Designated as part of the Trans Canada Trail System, this trail is approximately six kilometres of scenic Grand River country, which is suitable for nature walks, hiking and cycling.
Rail Park Pathway  Dunnville A short scenic pathway between Cedar Street and George Street.
Thompson Creek Restoration  Dunnville Natural regenerated area reforested with Carolinian trees and frequented by various wildlife.
Townsend Recreation Trail  Townsend Three kilometres of paved and lit walkway winding through beautiful Townsend over the Nanticoke Creek. Available for walking, biking and roller-blading.
Chippewa Trail      Caledonia     A natural trail walk/run/cycle.  Approximately 2.7 km and runs from Haldibrook Rd., south to Unity Rd. where it crosses and proceeds further south to Haldimand Rd. #66.  Roadside parking.  Connects to Chippawa Trail to Hamilton.
Blue Heron Way      Dunnville     A natural trail to walk/run/cyle.  Approximately 1.1 km of off road trail connecting Dunnville to the Niagara Region.  This trail links up to the Gord Harry Trail to Niagara.

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Trails Master Plan 

In October 2009 Haldimand County Council received the Trails Master Plan and Partnership Framework Study. The purpose of this plan is to guide and prioritize trails development in Haldimand County during the next 10-15 years while encouraging an increased level of cooperation and partnership among key trail groups and organizations.

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