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WMMSM - A flagon of beauty 

WMMSM - Armand Dussault 

WMMSM - Out of the wilderness 

WMMSM - The miracle songs of Jesus 

A Flagon of Beauty 

Armand Dussault 

Out of the Wilderness 

The Miracle Songs of Jesus 

WMMSM - An Ode on the... 

WMMSM - Caw-Caw Ballads 

WMMSM - Pugwash 

WMMSM - The song of the prairie land 

An Ode on the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation 

Caw-Caw Ballads 


The Song of the Prairie Land 

WMMSM - Angels of the Earth 

WMMSM - Comber Cove 

WMMSM - The Lyric Year 

WMMSM - The song of the undertow 

The Angels of the Earth 

Comber Cove 

The Lyric Year 

The Song of the Undertow 


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