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The Community Guide is delivered semi-annually to every household in Haldimand County. Free copies are also available at Haldimand County Administration or Satellite Offices. For optimal viewing on a PC, use Google Chrome or Firefox. 

You can register for programs online by visiting Haldimand County's Facility Booking and Program Registration System

Updates and Corrections 

Please check the Activity Calendar for arena program cancellations or the list posted at your local arena. 

Page 28 corrections: 
1. Adult Shinny in Cayuga runs from 10:30-11:30PM, not AM.
2. Adult Shinny in Caledonia (HCCC) is one hour on Wednesdays and runs the same time as Friday Shinny (9:30-10:30AM).


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The Community Guide is produced twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. With a distribution of 20,000 copies and an unlimited online audience, this full colour, glossy publication contains valuable information for residents and visitors alike. The Guide’s content covers a broad range of services and programs including festivals and events, recreation, leisure, community groups, facilities, tourism, and economic and rural development.

Interested in placing an ad in an upcoming edition? Call us at 1-800-863-9607 or email and we’ll add you to our contact list for notification of upcoming publication deadlines and advertising rates.

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