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Haldimand County is proud to have walking tracks in three facilities:  Cayuga Memorial Arena, Dunnville Memorial Arena and the Haldimand County Caledonia Centre.  These amenities are free and available for public use.

In partnership with the Haldimand Abilities Centre, a number of scheduled programs are being offered on our walking tracks and throughout our facilities.  These programs are FREE and we encourage you to participate and at the same time to improve your overall health!  

Nordic Pole Walking
Nordic pole walking is growing as an alternative to ordinary fitness walking.  Compared to regular walking, Nordic walking - also called poling, pole walking or urban poling - involves applying force to specially designed poles.  This technique combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous core and upper body conditioning, which significantly enhances aerobic effects.  The result is a full-body walking workout that expends significantly more calories when compared to regular walking.

Sit To Be Fit
This program is designed to promote health and fitness for seniors and those wishing to increase strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.  Join us to improve your cardiovascular health, balance, weight and increase muscle strength!

Schedules for the above programs can be found on the Leisure Calendar or in the Fall/Winter Community Guide.

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