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This page contains a list of commonly requested County programs, services and information for residents.

If you can't find what you are looking for, email us or call 905-318-5932.

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Animal Services  Animal Services
Haldimand County Animal Control Services related to animal care and control help to ensure that the residents with and without pets may enjoy municipal amenities and a high standard of quality of life. The health and safety of all our animals contributes to the health, well-being and liveability of our County.
Haldimand County has contracted the Welland & District SPCA to provide a County-wide Animal Control Service.
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Building Services  Building / Demolition
The Building Officials from Haldimand County’s Building Division inspect for the health and safety of its citizens, and the construction of structures and buildings in which our community lives, works and plays.
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By-Law Services  By-law Enforcement
By-Law Enforcement Officers respond to complaints and enforce the by-laws of Haldimand County.
It is important for property owners and occupants/tenants to become educated and aware of their responsibilities, and by doing so, the consequences of by-law violations may be avoided.
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Cemetery Services  Cemetery Services
The Facilities & Parks Operations Division provides for the governance, management and administration of cemetery services for the benefit of the County residents and visitors.
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Programs and Facilities  County Programs & Facilities
Haldimand County offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for the entire community. We provide the best in programs, parks and services with acres of developed parkland, many kilometres of beautiful trails and pathways, community playgrounds, arenas, outdoor pools, baseball fields, tennis courts, skate parks and community centres.
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Provincial Offences  Court and Fine Payments
Provincial Offences Administration (POA) is a procedural law for administering and prosecuting provincial offences including those committed under the Highway Traffic Act, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Liquor License Act and other provincial legislation, municipal by-laws and minor federal offences.
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Sub Division  Development Charges
Development charges apply to residential and non-residential developments. The purpose of development charges is to recover  growth-related costs associated with capital infrastructure and service provisions needed for service new development and redevelopment within the County.
Arrow Pdf IconCS-FI-11-2017 Development Charges Reserve Funds - Treasurer's Annual Statement for 2017
Arrow Pdf Icon Development Charges Amendment By-law 1914-18
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Arrow Pdf IconDevelopment Charges By-law 1441/14
Arrow Pdf IconHaldimand County Development Charges Background Study, April 11, 2014
Arrow Pdf IconPED-PD-39-2009 Deferral of County Fees - Proposed Policy              
Employment  Employment with Haldimand County
Haldimand County is a single tier municipality with a population of 45,000. Join a team of professional staff dedicated to serving the community through the provision of high quality and sustainable services.
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Forest Conservation  Forest Conservation / Trees
The Tree Control By-law restricts and regulates the destruction of trees by cutting, burning and other means.
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Public Library  Haldimand County Public Library
The Haldimand County Public Library is a welcoming and inclusive community gathering place where you can explore, imagine, discover, relax and connect with others. Together, our members exchange ideas, experience the joys of learning, and foster cultural, recreational , economic and educational success in Haldimand County.
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Health and Social Services  Health & Social Services
The Health & Social Services Department ensures the health and welfare of the population as a whole. Services are provided by one Department to both Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. The Health & Social Services Department, as it affects Haldimand County, consists of three Divisions: Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, Haldimand & Norfolk Social Services and Social Housing.
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Household Waste and Recycling  Household Waste & Recycling
Haldimand County runs numerous household waste and recycling programs which can help you reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. For information on garbage and recycling, waste diversion programs, on collection during statutory holidays and much more, you can download the Residential Waste & Recycling Guide from the County website.
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Hydro  Hydro / Streetlights
To report a streetlight outage or to request a repair to a street light please contact Haldimand County at 905-318-5932.

To report a hydro outage or for more information on your hydro service please contact Hydro One at this link:
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Biosolid Land Application  Land Application of Municipal Biosolids
Information on the land application of municipal biosolids is available through:
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Council  Mayor / Council / Other Politicians
The Corporation of Haldimand County Council consists of seven elected officials - the Mayor and six Councilors. The term of Council is four years.
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Municipal Drains  Municipal Drains
The Drainage Act (the "Act") is Provincial legislation that provides a mechanism for landowners with drainage problems or lack of an outlet, to create a legal outlet for lands to be drained.  
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Property  My Property
For information on standing water, sewer back ups, etc. please view the FAQ’s.
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Payments  Payments
To find out the different ways of making payments with Haldimand County, view the FAQ’s.
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Payments  Planning & Development
Planning staff are responsible for providing development, graphics and policy planning services to residents and developers.
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Planning and Development  Privacy
Haldimand County is committed to protecting your privacy and to openness and transparency by facilitating access to records and information.
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 Road Projects   Property Taxes
Municipal property taxes fund Haldimand County’s high quality services and programs. For information on paying your municipal property taxes and more, please view the FAQ’s.
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Privacy  Reference Materials /Information / Statistics
For population numbers or information on how to obtain copies of Haldimand County publications, please view the FAQ’s.
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Reference Materials  Roads / Sidewalks & Traffic
For information on road projects, maintenance and more, please view the FAQ’s.
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Taxes  User Fees
View Haldimand County’s User Fees.
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User Fees  Water / Wastewater
For information on water testing, flooding, etc. please view the FAQ’s.
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Water and Wastewater  Winter Control / Snow Removal
The focus of Haldimand County’s Winter Control and Snow Removal operation is to maintain road safety for residents and visitors.
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